Fixed Ozone Monitors


Eco Sensors C-30ZX


Eco Sensors OS-4


Eco Sensors UV-100


Range: 0.02 - 0.14 ppm

Low range fixed ozone in air monitor ideal for monitoring off gasses a range of applications. Constantly monitors your work environment; shows the ozone concentration by a multicolor graphical display, and alarms when there is a health hazard



Range: 0.01 - 10 ppm

Acts like a thermostat to control ozone generators and alarms based on adjustable ozone concentration set-points. Ozone ppm readout via digital meter. Simple and inexpensive.



Range: 0.01 - 900 ppm

Highly accurate at any concentration. Integrated datalogging and a super fast, 10 second sampling time.

Suitable for levels up to 900 ppm